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I am building generic sharepoint DALL so i need a help here. I dont know if this is applicable , but it logically it must be.

My problem is my gr8 TTL is not sure what is the data source he need to use :S (SQL or SharePoint lists) and he need to start development for the project.

so i need to build DAL as SP lists is my datasource so the changing in future will be to the minimal.

Now what I have is baseDAL that includes all the common operations such delete,getAll,,,etc

myBase dal class now something like

public class BaseDAL<T> where T : BaseInfo,new()
    public virtual List<T> GetAllItem()
   //code to read from any data source and return data

public virtual Boolean Delete(T entity)
    int entityID  = ((BaseInfo)entity).ID;


and i have baseInfo calss as main business object entity.

and lets say i have two business entities (employee, student) and two DAL one for employee and one for student

so what i am thinking is implementing code in getAllItem that returnes all items based on the T type, so the code maybe looks like bellow in baseDAL

public virtual List<T> GetAllItem()

   SPListItemCollection items = //code to read from list please note that list name saved in baseInfo object
   T.getBusinessListItems(items); //toList


and in EmployeeDAL I implements a mapper function between SPListItemCollection to business entities the code will be samiliare to this

public virtual List<Employee> getBusinessListItems(SPListItemCollection items)

  //loop the items and fill them in list of employee objects
  return list<Employee>


hope this clarify the case , i dont know if this is the write way to do it i am not pretty a technical guy. if there is another way to do it please help.

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i cant understand your problem..what do you want to do... –  Anirudha Dec 9 '12 at 11:13
I've added a tag for C#, since i assume this is in C#. Please change it if this is not so. –  Tom Anderson Dec 9 '12 at 11:13
specially the T.toList part!what are you trying to do here... –  Anirudha Dec 9 '12 at 11:14
The question here is very unclear; also, this probably isn't a good use of generics unless the underlying data-source also supports generics (for example, LINQ-to-SQL has GetTable<T>). But for most examples I can think of: the implemetation would not be "generic", so generics are probably not the right technology choice for this. Finally, very rarely would the consumer be generic here. –  Marc Gravell Dec 9 '12 at 11:18
If you are saying that you should have a static method such as Student.toList(), Employee.toList(), then again: I'd probably say that isn't a very good design approach to begin with. Generics does not have an inbuilt metaphor to execute static duck-typed methods. You could do it with reflection, but: yeuch. –  Marc Gravell Dec 9 '12 at 11:20

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Not sure if this is what you want, but it might help:

object someDal = ...; //you don't know the exact type
var list = ((dynamic)someDal).GetAllItem();

C# dynamic already solves this problem for you.

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Thanks man, but i think the actual implementation now need to be the EmployeeDAL , which this is what i need not to do. i need the implementation that get the data to be on the BaseDAL , and the baseDAL handel the converting to business types based on T. –  Bakri Basha Dec 10 '12 at 4:34

finally i managed to do it ,, with the same structure i have i used the following code , i think its called reflection i am not sure ,,

public virtual List<T> GetAllItems(Type DalType)//this is baseDAL
  MethodInfo methodInfo = DalType.GetMethod("ConvertToBusinessEntities");
  object[] parametersArray = new object[] { itemCollection };
  object classInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(DalType, null);
  return (List<T>)methodInfo.Invoke(classInstance, parametersArray);

i am only need to pass the DalType to know which class to call the method from , the code will work if makes sure that all the DALs will implements ConvertToBusinessEntities method , which that i can manage by interface. i hope this structure of code is strong enough... it was not dead end after all :) ,,,

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