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I am currently using a Hashtable to store a list of unique identifiers and associated data, all of which is read in from a file.

The length of this data file can very greatly, from 1 entry to several hundred thousand. I've noticed a significant slowdown in the speed of adding entries to the Hashtable once it gets past about 50,000 entries.

I think setting the initial capacity might help, but obviously I can't know this number since the data is read from a file. Can anyone suggest a way to speed up adding a lot of entries, or is this behavior pretty normal?

edit: Right now I am just using a Hashtable. I think it should probably be Dictionary<string, MyDataObject>, but that seems like a separate issue.

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What class are you using? Dictionary<TKey, TValue>? –  Daniel Brückner Sep 4 '09 at 11:42
Have you tested whether setting a large capacity improves performance when there are lot of items to insert? –  AnthonyWJones Sep 4 '09 at 11:43
Setting the capacity should have no big impact - and should not be done when you don't know how many entries you will have (like anything between 1 and 100.000+). –  tanascius Sep 4 '09 at 11:46
I have not tested, but I agree with tanascius - I don't want to set the capacity to 100,000 if I will only have <10 items. –  jnylen Sep 4 '09 at 11:50
Do you read the file into memory before inserting it into the dictionary? Please do so (for test purposes), to make sure that really the insert is the problem. –  tanascius Sep 4 '09 at 11:50

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See here for comparison of HashTables and dictionaries for large numbers of items.

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I didn't think the difference would be so drastic - it looks like switching to a Dictionary would go a long way towards solving my problem. However, I cannot test right now, but I suspect I would see the same kind of slowdown on a smaller scale with a Dictionary. –  jnylen Sep 4 '09 at 11:53
The comparison is nevertheless interesting, because it tests with 10,000,000 keys and a GUI as id. It takes ~6sec. So there should be no bottleneck for 50,000 entries ... That's why I think it could be the file rather than the insert ... –  tanascius Sep 4 '09 at 11:57
This benchmark is not very good because new GUIDs are generate inside the timed loop and GUID generation is slow compared to a hash table access. In a quick test I found that creating a new GUID takes about 6 times as long as an insert into Dictionary<Int32, Guid>. –  Daniel Brückner Sep 4 '09 at 12:19
OK, that is a problem - but not in this context. Inserting 10,000,000 entries in 6sec. with creating an additional GUID during time measurement is fast and should not result in a bottleneck. –  tanascius Sep 4 '09 at 12:24

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