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This is simplified version of my chart:

        <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.google.com/jsapi"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            google.load("visualization", "1", {packages:["corechart"]});
                function drawChart() {
                    var jsonData = '{"cols":[{"id":"","label":"date","type":"string"},{"id":"","label":"a","type":"number"},{"id":"","label":"b","type":"number"}],"rows":[{"c":[{"v":"2012-05-01"},{"v":"1"},{"v":"8"}]},{"c":[{"v":"2012-05-02"},{"v":"1"},{"v":"7"}]},{"c":[{"v":"2012-05-03"},{"v":"1"},{"v":"38"}]}]}';

                    var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(jsonData);    
                    var options = {
                        title       : 'Company Performance',
                        pointSize   : 5,
                        chartArea: {width: 800, height: 800},
                        width: 800+300, height: 800+600,
                        legend:{position: 'bottom',maxLines: 3},
                        vAxis:  {direction:-1, minValue: 1, viewWindowMode: 'explicit', viewWindow:{min:1}},
                        colors      : ['#0E9DFF','#9616F3']

                var chart = new google.visualization.LineChart(document.getElementById('chart_div'));
                chart.draw(data, options);
    <div id="chart_div" style="width: 900px; height: 500px;"></div>

My aim is to set minimum value of vAxis to 0.
It works, but how to make it to be shown?
And how to move the horizontal axis to the bottom?

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I'm probably missing what you want your chart to look like, but if I change the vAxis to vAxis: {direction:-1, minValue: 0, viewWindowMode: 'explicit', viewWindow:{min:0}} it will show the 0 tick and line. In your case you're telling Google Charts that the minimum value is 1, so the chart doesn't contain a 0 (and hence it doesn't show that label). –  Frank van Puffelen Dec 9 '12 at 13:07
@Frank van Puffelen: I want the vAxis to begin with 1, not with 0. I mean, I want "1" tick and line to be shown, and 0 hidden as it is below my minimum value –  lvil Dec 9 '12 at 13:08
Hope this can help you. [stackoverflow.com/questions/6359935/… [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/6359935/… –  Dade Jan 28 at 15:31

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