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I would like to learn Android development. I have a Mac machine and a Linux machine. The Linux machine is virtualised inside the Mac machine. I would like for the Linux machine to share as much as possible of the installed Android SDK on the host Mac machine. I don't think it makes sense to download APIs twice, unless they are different. I could perform both downloads and rsync -n -avv --delete to detect differences but bandwidth is at a premium. Is there a way to "know for sure" without downloading everything?

  • Which folders can be shared, are exactly identical between a Linux SDK installation and an OSX SDK installation and can be thus simply symlinked?

Are there any other issues I should consider in a similar setup? (e.g. concurrent access?!? file locking?!)

I am happy having different `$HOME/.android' and keeping different avd sets.. it's just the libraries and platfor sources I would like to avoid duplicating..

I have read this: Android SDK platforms between Linux and Windows but I am not sure the binaries are really the same? I use adb from the command line a lot, for example, that can't be the same across Linux/Mac/Windows, can it? Or indeed the emulator executable.. etc..

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This really falls in to the "why make life so hard" category.

The best way to work with this would be to just use your Mac.

Try it and see but I really don't think working like this is either helpful or productive. You are more than likely going to waste more time on this than is really worth the effort.

Good luck.

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??? If I had the bandwidth, I'd just download both SDKs and diff them using rsync.. easy enough to verify.. one command to find the diffs, one symlink per dir that stays the same? –  Robottinosino Dec 9 '12 at 13:29
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