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I have this setup, but the validation is not working


<g:form  name="loginForm" autocomplete="off" controller="company"  action ="save">

<table >


    <td><g:field type="text" name="company" required="true" value="${c?.companyName}" /></td>



def index = { 
def c  =new Company()

return [c:c]

def save ={}
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You need to check for errors using hasErrors method in your form:

<div class="fieldcontain ${hasErrors(bean: yourBean, field: 'yourField', 'error')} required">
    <label for="yourField">
        <g:message code="yourBean.yourField.label" default="yourField" />
        <span class="required-indicator">*</span>
    <g:textField name="content" required="" value="${yourBean?.yourField}"/>

Grails hasErrors documenttaion.

And check in your controller (save action) if the validation has passed using:

    if (!yourBean.save(flush: true)) {
        render(view: "create", model: [yourBean: yourBean])
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