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i'm embedding my own mapbox, what i found is that a blank line is putted in the middle of the map, as you can see from the attached image.

enter image description here

Does anyone knows which is the problem?

i'm using twitter-boostrap framework too.

and this is the map div html/css i use:

<div class="map"></div>

        max-width:none !important;
        width:100% !important;
        height:250px !important;
        position: relative;
        margin:0 auto !important;

and this is my js:

 var map = mapbox.map(_element);

  // Create an empty markers layer
  var markerLayer = mapbox.markers.layer();

  // Add interaction to this marker layer. This
  // binds tooltips to each marker that has title
  // and description defined.

  map.zoom(3).center({ lat: _json.lat, lon: _json.lon });

  // Add a single feature to the markers layer.
  // You can use .features() to add multiple features.
      geometry: {
          coordinates: [_json.lon, _json.lat]
      properties: {
        'marker-color': '#F96363',
          'marker-symbol': 'circle-stroked',
          /*title: 'Example Marker',
          description: 'This is a single marker.'


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Have you forgot to attach the image? –  salih0vicX Dec 9 '12 at 13:38
@salih0vicX yep now there is –  sbaaaang Dec 9 '12 at 13:51

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First, check that you don't have any 'responsive images' stuff turned on, which will mess with the size of map images. Then, try not using !important so much. Finally, check that your browser isn't zoomed in or out. In Chrome, hit ⌘0.

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i reseted the rules and now it works like a charm, thx –  sbaaaang Feb 5 '13 at 17:52

The problem is related to the fact that by default leaflet.js uses CSS3 3D transformations to position the tiles and some combinations of OS and browsers can't handle that properly.

The solution is to disable 3D transforms before loading the actual library:

<script>L_DISABLE_3D = true;</script>
<script src="mapbox.js"></script>

That solved the problem of white lines for me in Firefox for Bootstrap/Mapbox app

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This worked for me. Thank you. (I tried the marked solution as well, which made the white lines occur less but not completely gone.) –  ippi May 11 at 8:17

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