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In my last question I asked how to get urls working for parameter before included and it worked. Django {% url %} when urls with parameters like: url(r'^foo/<parameter>/$', include(some.urls))

Now I want to use the same included with namespaces.

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^/foo/(?P<parameter_1>\d+)/', include('bar.urls', namespace='foo', app_name='foo')),

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^/bar/$', 'bar.views.index', name='bar'),
    url(r'^/bar/(?P<parameter_2>\d+)/$', 'bar.views.detail', name='bar_detail'),

To get the url in template I use:

1. {% url foo:bar parameter_1=1 %} or {% url for:bar 1 %}
2. {% url foo:bar_detail parameter_1=1 parameter_2=1 %} or {% url foo:bar_detail 1 1 %}

I expect to get the url: 1. /foo/1/bar/ and 2. /foo/1/bar/1 but it does not work.

Interesting: if I call:

1. {% url foo:bar %}
2. {% url foo:bar_detail parameter_2=1 %} or {% url foo:bar_detail 1 %}

I get the urls: 1. /foo/(?P<parameter_1>%5Cd+)/bar/ and 2. /foo/(?P<parameter_1>%5d+)/bar/1

My question: Did i have a fault in my code or is the code not useful for, what i want to do.

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I searched again and found the fault. There's a bug in the /django/core/

I found the ticket at

To fix the problem you have to replace the /django/core/ with the changed file from

After restarting the def-server with python runserver the url-tags are resolved correct. I get /foo/1/bar/ from {% url foo:bar 1 %} instead of /foo/(?P<parameter_1>%5Cd+)/bar/.

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Interesting! I had the same problem and found out it was a bug in django's reverse method. Unfortunately, my project was using a (painfully) old version of Django (1.3). I ended up changing the url structure so parent urlconf didn't capture any parameters. But do you know a way to solve this, which doesn't imply updating to the newest django version? (Which i guess is something i will ultimately end up doing) – acrespo Aug 20 '13 at 18:01

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