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Hi im and struggling to solve an integral with a variable as the limit using matlab, the 2 biggest problems I have is that matlab can't find the integral explicitly and a lot of the numerical methods wont except variables

I need to solve

0=H/2R  - integral (z(x) between b and 1)

z(x)= (((x/((a*x*x)+1-a))^2)-1)^-0.5
b= (sin(t)+sqrt(t^2 + 4a(a-1)))/2a

I know H,R and t and the idea is to solve the integral then solve the nonlinear equation for a, I know to suse fzero/fsolve for the nonlinear equation but I am stuggling to solve the integral

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You could try a shooting method - guess a value for a and numerically solve from there until you find an a value which solves the last equation. Heres something that should work (though I guessed randomly at the numeric values and didn't get it to converge)

function test

    a_guess = .1
    fzero(@(a) solveWithA(a), a_guess)

    function res = solveWithA(a)

    t = .9;

    H = 1.5;
    R = 1.1;

    z = @(x) (((x/((a*x*x)+1-a))^2)-1)^-0.5;
    b = (sin(t)+sqrt(t^2 + 4*a*(a-1)))/(2*a);

    lower_limit = b;

    integrand = z;

    [T, Y] = ode45(@(t, x) integrand(x),[lower_limit 1],0);

    res = norm((H/2/R - Y(end)))



But an analytic expression for a... I think its pen and paper :) Try doing the indefinite integral by hand, then applying the limits? Though, removing a from the integrand still leaves a nasty result. There's probably a 'trick' for this better posed on math overflow.

enter image description here

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thanks, it has to be done in matlab, i wasnt sure if shooting could be used as its not really an IVP/BVP, why do you use norm at the end? –  user1889524 Dec 9 '12 at 17:30
I used norm so that the imaginary part of the number is included in the error for fsolve :) –  ccook Dec 9 '12 at 19:12
BTW - how did this problem come up? –  ccook Dec 9 '12 at 19:14
Its to work out surface tension on a compressed cylinder, H is the height, R the radius and i need to solve to the equation for a to work out the surface tension, thats why im not sure whether their should be an imaginary part –  user1889524 Dec 9 '12 at 19:34
I wouldn't think it would be imaginary... - I was just getting them with my random input values. Of course make sure the values make physical sense :) –  ccook Dec 9 '12 at 19:45

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