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I want to do a something similar to http://handsontable.com/demo/prepopulate.html excepted that I want to pre-populate columns and not rows.

I undertstand that I have to use a function to define the default rendering. However, it only seems to work when adding rows but not colums : news rows are filled with "default" but not the columns.

This is what I tried :

function defaultValueRenderer(instance, td, row, col, prop, value, cellProperties) {
  var args = $.extend(true, [], arguments);
  if (args[5] === null) {
      td.style.color = 'red';
      args[5] = "default";      
  Handsontable.TextCell.renderer.apply(this, args);

var myData = [
    ["", "Kia", "Nissan", "Toyota", "Honda"],
    ["2008", 10, 11, 12, 13],
    ["2009", 20, 11, 14, 13],
    ["2010", 30, 15, 12, 13]

    data: myData,
    minSpareCols: 1,
    minSpareRows: 1,
    cells: function (row, col, prop) {
            var cellProperties = {};
            cellProperties.type = {renderer: defaultValueRenderer}
            return cellProperties;

The defaultValueRenderer function seems not to be called when adding the spare columns (only for spare rows).


Thank your for your hints

EDIT : the value seems to be an empty string. I might use this as a workarround, however I believe I'm misunderstanding something here

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As I got no reply, I'm answering my self. I hack arround using === null or === "". It works, it's ugly, still better than nothing ;)

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