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Is it possible to import a namespace for a JavaScript / CoffeeScript file?
The idea is to avoid typing out the fully qualified namespaces.

Let's say I have defined the bellow in my init code.

window.Editor = { }

And this is the CoffeeScript file in which I want to avoid having to type the fully qualified namespaces over and over again:

class Editor.Editor
  constructor: (@width, @hight) ->
    @canvas = new Editor.Canvas(@width,  @hight)
    @backGround = new Editor.BackGround(@canvas)
    @frontGround = new Editor.FrontGround(@canvas)

Can I import a namespace similar to how you would import a package in Java for example

import Editor.*;
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2 Answers 2

You can try

for key, value of Editor
  window[key] = value

But you should be really carefull. Because you can redefine something you really need.

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Try something like this:

Editor = {}

root = exports ? window
root.Editor = Editor

{Editor} = require './Editor'
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