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I'm creating a webapp where users are able to sign up and create memberships sites that will have it's own users. Here's the start of my db schema https://dl.dropbox.com/u/558799/schema.pdf

So a user can belong to many sites and a site can have many users. But the user needs to be entered as a separate user for each site so they can have different passwords and profiles. Example user A is a member of site A and B. User A needs to be able to change their password in site A without affecting Site B's password. I'm thinking I can add site_id as a foreign key on the user table so a user can be in it twice.

Also should I put a site_id foreign key in each table for the other tables? So every query on the webapp will have the site_id as a param. So when I'm looking up orders for for a user,I will have site_id and user_id as a params.

Is this best way to design this type of application?

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perhaps consider to move the password in to the association table.



password   <--- here you will get a different password per site

also consider adding one more id to the association table user_site_id or something - then you can use that as a key to all other references

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