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I am trying to make a dendrpgram using large data

I am using the stats, phyclust libraries,

distances <- phyclust.edist(Data[,],edist.model = .edist.model[3]) 
dataHClust <- hclust(distances, "ave")
dhc <- as.dendrogram(dataHClust)

hclust works fine and I can plot it and it plots it properly. After I use the as.dendrogram function it doesn't give me an error. But when I either:

  • try to plot it
  • use dendrapply to apply functions.

it says:

Error in lapply(args, is.character) : node stack overflow 
Error in dev.flush() : node stack overflow

Is the problem with as.dendrogram not being able to handle large datasets (~30000)? If so, is there an alternative to it?

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Can you please add your code(how you call dendrapply?) and some data to reproduce the error? – agstudy Dec 9 '12 at 14:55
Your solution is probably here: stackoverflow.com/questions/16559250/error-in-heatmap-2-gplots – Tal Galili May 2 '15 at 21:08

I think it's a problem with plotting a large dataset because I was able to get your code to run on a small dataset.

You could try cutting the dendrogram to get it to fit in a plot with the h or height parameter in as.dendrogram.

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