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I've a html form with dynamic number of <input type='file' /> ,files & textboxes <input type='text' /> . how can i get all this data in jersey back-end?.. i've done it for a static number of inputs like this:

public Response postCategory(@FormDataParam("text1") String text1,FormDataMultiPart  fm,
            @FormDataParam("file1") InputStream file1,
            @FormDataParam("text2") String text2,
            @FormDataParam("file2") InputStream file2) {

        System.out.println("text1:" + text1);
        System.out.println("text2:" + text2);

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You can use FormDataMultiPart to get all form field value either by field name or field index:

    public Response create(FormDataMultiPart multiPart ) {

        String text1 = multiPart.getField("text1").getEntityAs(String.class);
        byte[] file1 = multiPart.getField("file1").getEntityAs(byte[].class);

        String text2 = multiPart.getBodyParts().get(2).getEntityAs(String.class);
        byte[] file2 = multiPart.getBodyParts().get(3).getEntityAs(byte[].class);

        return Response.ok().build();
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Probably this is what your looking for:

  public void post(MultivaluedMap<String, String> formParams) {


Once you have that Map then you can do pretty much everything. You can concat file + i and check if map contains that key and if so take value up to the i where you have no such key in the map.

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