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HI I am create a mimic of the Windows Context menu.

Show dialog does the follow:

  1. creates a dialog using CreateDialogIndirectParam
  2. runs a message loop:

    while ( ContinueModal() && GetMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0) )
        TranslateMessage( &msg );
        DispatchMessage( &msg );
  3. I the dialog I look for lost focus event of the new window there I set the ContinueModel flag to false and call EndDialog / DestroyWindow.

    • Calling EndDialog doesn't kill my dialog, DestroyWindow does. Is this ok, can anyone explain why?

Thanks! D.

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Like it says in the first line of the documentation, EndDialog ends modal dialogs. Your dialog is not modal, so EndDialog is the wrong function. The documentation for CreateDialogIndirectParam says

To destroy the dialog box, use the DestroyWindow function.

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I actually figured that much after digging some more in the doucment. But you are right, thanks for that!! I had lots of fun playing around with Spy++ :) –  Dory Zidon Dec 10 '12 at 18:14

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