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According to this post, i ask $title. Which are your favorite PHP coding related Eclipse plugins? Without you can't live? Why?
I list my own plugins of choice:

Which are yours?

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might wanna make this a wiki before someone blows up. –  peirix Sep 4 '09 at 12:23
Was thinking of asking a question like this - would love to see some more answers. –  Tim Lytle Sep 29 '09 at 0:06
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As a PHP developper, mainly back-end, I'm using :

  • Eclipse PDT for PHP development
    • It's one of the best free IDE for PHP, I think
    • Integration with Xdebug for debugging os pretty nice, too ;-)
  • Subversive for SVN integration
  • Aptana (plugged into PDT) for HTML/CSS/JS
  • Filesync (My project is on a Virtual Machine, which exports its files via a samba share ; this can take lots of time (several minutes) when re-building the project ; Filesync helps a lot with that)

About Eclipse, you can find lots of questions/answers about plugins ; some of them apply to PHP, too.

Aside from Eclipse, I also generally have a lightweight editor (like scite, or vim -- depending on the platform I'm working on) ; it's easier to take notes.

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I'm a front-end developer, so I can't live without my Aptana plug-in. includes a nice PHP intellisense...Love it!

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