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I tried to create a calculated member for displaying profit for each product, but I got an error on the "select". Can anyone help me out with this since I am newbie in this?

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].Profit_Per_Produkt
 AS Select [Measures].[Vinst] on columns,
[Dim Produkt].[Artikelnr].[Artikelnr] on rows
from [Elektronikkedja], 
FORMAT_STRING = "Percent", 
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It looks like you're trying to create a calculated member that isn't a member but a 2D slice of the cube. A member must be an expression that yields a single value. –  Will A Dec 9 '12 at 16:04

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A calculated member you should contains a calculate expression as:

([Measures].[Internet Sales-Sales Amount] - 
[Measures].[Internet Sales-Total Product Cost]) /
[Measures].[Internet Sales-Sales Amount]

See on technet Defining Calculated docs a some samples.

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