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I'm having trouble displaying Google Maps in my application.

  1. I created a certificate and a key to sign the application.

  2. With this certificate, I created a Google Maps API key (v1).

  3. I put this key on my mapView in my XML.

  4. When I launch in debug mode (with Eclipse), my application with this API key, and I see the Google Maps background.

  5. When I sign my APK using the ADT in Eclipse (pointing my keystore, then my key) and then install this APK on my phone, the background does not show.

I tried to read the logcat, and the only meaningful log was this:

12-09 18:19:18.247: W/System.err(9968): IOException processing: 26
12-09 18:19:18.247: W/System.err(9968): java.io.IOException: Server returned: 3
12-09 18:19:18.247: W/System.err(9968):     at android_maps_conflict_avoidance.com.google.googlenav.map.BaseTileRequest.readResponseData(BaseTileRequest.java:115)
12-09 18:19:18.247: W/System.err(9968):     at         android_maps_conflict_avoidance.com.google.googlenav.map.MapService$MapTileRequest.readResponseData(MapService.java:1473)
12-09 18:19:18.247: W/System.err(9968):     at android_maps_conflict_avoidance.com.google.googlenav.datarequest.DataRequestDispatcher.processDataRequest(DataRequestDispatcher.java:1117)
12-09 18:19:18.247: W/System.err(9968):     at android_maps_conflict_avoidance.com.google.googlenav.datarequest.DataRequestDispatcher.serviceRequests(DataRequestDispatcher.java:994)

Which didn't help me very much...

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There are two keys provided by Google, one for debugging and the other one for release. Are you sure you signed with the right one> –  Goran_Mandic Dec 9 '12 at 18:01
I only see one key when I entered my certificate MD5 fingerprint in here : developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/v1/… –  NullPointer Dec 9 '12 at 18:04
It is mentioned here. Look again. –  Goran_Mandic Dec 9 '12 at 18:05
I followed this. I signed my application using the ADT plugin of Eclipse. I used my keystore in the dropdown list and my key too. With this same keystore I get the Gmap API key. –  NullPointer Dec 9 '12 at 18:12

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