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I have a bit of confusion in the following:

class Foo{
private ArrayList<Obj1> obj1List;
private ArrayList<Obj2> obj2List;

/* constructor */

public void push(?){

if(the object is of type Obj1)
    push into obj1List (object)
if(the object is of type Obj2)
    push into obj2List (object)


How can I do such a thing with the Push function, that it would identify the object type itself, without using instanceof (casting) or using (Object obj) as its' parameter? I need to it to know into which arraylist to push!

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The easiest method is to have two overloads:

public void push(Obj1 obj) {

public void push(Obj2 obj) {
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+1. Type-safe and effective. – Louis Wasserman Dec 9 '12 at 19:20

You can simply have 2 methods, one for each object type, and your program will use the method that is the most specific automatically:

public void push(Obj1 obj){

public void push(Obj2 obj){
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