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I'm attempting to use ruby to interact with a CLI which takes multiple values using PTY. However, I can only get the pseudo-terminal generated by PTY to see the first value I pass. Test scripts below:


require 'pty'
require 'expect'

def till_prompt(cout, prompt)
  buffer = ""
  regexPrompt = Regexp.new(Regexp.escape(prompt))
  loop { buffer << cout.getc.chr; break if buffer =~ regexPrompt }
  puts "buffer: \n" + buffer + "\nend of buffer\n"
  return buffer

$expect_verbose = true
PTY.spawn("ruby inputTest.rb") do |output, input, pid|

  till_prompt(output, "1: ")

  till_prompt(output, "2: ")


require 'highline/import'

word1 = ask("1: ")
word2 =  ask("2: ")
word3 =  ask("3: ")

system "echo '#{word1}\n#{word2}' > test.log"
puts "#{word1}\n#{word2}"

$ > cat test.log


I can't figure out why it is only picking up the first response.

P.S. I know expect can be used here, but I replaced it with a custom function to have more control over what was going on for debugging purposes.

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