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I'm creating a GWT Tree Component like this in code:

// Create a tree with a few items in it.
    TreeItem root = new TreeItem();

    // Add a CheckBox to the tree
    TreeItem item = new TreeItem(new CheckBox("item3"));

    Tree t = new Tree();

    // Add it to the root panel.

But I don't like the mix of gui and value-code here. Coming from JSF I'm used to having a xhtml file which defines the tree, and a backing class that provides the values for the tree.

How can I achieve the same separation in GWT?

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You should be using CellTree api instead. Reference example - http://gwt.googleusercontent.com/samples/Showcase/Showcase.html#!CwCellTree

I could not figure out your GWT version. CellTree is available since GWT 2.1 as part of Cell Widgets hierarchy.

Note - You probably will like to use it with Data Provider concepts in GWT for better GUI/Data segretation.

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