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Please I have the following markup :

<div class="closet">
   <input name="hello1" class="input" />

<div class="closet">
   <input  name="hello2" class="input" />

and I want to attribute the input name and set another value (example hello5 and hello6) , so this is my code :

var i = 5;
$('.closet').each(function (k) 

   $('.input').attr('name', 'hello'+i);

But the problem it gave me for both inputs the value "hello6".

Please have you any advise ?

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$('.input').attr('name', 'hello'+i);


$('.input', this).attr('name', 'hello'+i);

so to change the .input that is inside the .closet on which your iteration is.

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Thank you so much man ;) –  Sami El Hilali Dec 9 '12 at 18:40

You already have access to both an index and the element inside the each() loop:

$('.closet').each(function(index, elem)  {
   $('.input', elem).attr('name', 'hello'+(index+5));
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Instead of

$('.input').attr('name', 'hello'+i);

Should be

$(this).find('.input').attr('name', 'hello'+i);
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