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I have a couchapp that I'm writing, and am using node.couchapp.js ( ) to push files (attachments, views, etc.) from the filesystem to CouchDB. I would like to also push non-design documents; what is the intended way of doing so?


This is roughly what I have for an app.js ATM:

ddoc = { _id:'_design/app' };

couchapp.loadAttachments(ddoc, path.join(__dirname, 'attachments'));

module.exports = ddoc;

And this is my data.json:

    { "_id": "doc1" },
    { "_id": "doc2" },
    { "_id": "doc3" },
    { "_id": "docN" },
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Just specify document id without _design/ prefix and it will be counted as regular document.

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I've updated my quesiton; can you please give more detail? I have a large number of documents I'd like to push, but it's not clear to me how to say "also load all of the contents of data.json". – Eli Stevens Dec 10 '12 at 7:17

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