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I am passing data to my servlet through the jsp in this way:

<a href="DetyraServlet?action=listDetyra&firstName=<c:out value="${user.firstName}"/>">Something</a>  

So I am passing the firstName parameter from my bean class (if I am correct). Now I want to pass the firstName through the session.getAttribute("username"); So I want to do something like this:

    String user = (String) session.getAttribute("user");  

and then

<a href="DetyraServlet?action=listDetyra&firstName="<%=user%>">Something</a>  

But I am getting errors when I try this. Can anyone please tell me what is my bad?

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Which errors do you get? – SJuan76 Dec 9 '12 at 18:43
If you have the "user" attribute in session, why would you want to pass it in request? Your intent makes no sense and makes your application weak: a malicious user could delete data and change the username in the queryString, this can be easily done with a proxy tool like Burp Suite. The best solution will be to not pass the session data through queryString never. – Luiggi Mendoza Dec 9 '12 at 18:49
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use this,

<a href="DetyraServlet?action=listDetyra&firstName=<%=user%>">Something</a>

removed the extra " (double quote)

As mentioned by a comment, you need not pass a session variable to your own servlet(same server). You can do the session.getAttribute in servlet code itself.

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The code is still not working. But thank you because you gave me an idea to do it through servlets :) – Han Dec 9 '12 at 19:19

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