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I am installing postgreSQL on my debian server using apt-get. The postgresql.conf is located here:


Is there a way to actually change where postgreSQL looks for this config without my having to install postgreSQL by building it from source?

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You can specify the location of the .conf file when you start PostgreSQL.

From the manual:

If you wish, you can specify the configuration file names and locations individually using the parameters config_file, hba_file and/or ident_file. config_file can only be specified on the postgres command line

Where config_file refers to the location of the postgresql.conf file.

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Have a look at the do_ctl_all() function in /usr/share/postgresql-common/init.d-functions and see how it tries to locate the postgresql instance to start at boot:

for c in /etc/postgresql/"$2"/*; do
    [ -e "$c/postgresql.conf" ] || continue
    name=$(basename "$c")

    # evaluate start.conf
    if [ -e "$c/start.conf" ]; then

This code shows that despite the fact that the path to postgresql.conf is not hardcoded (the version number and cluster name are variables), the way is it built by concatenating the different parts is hardcoded.

You may still symlink postgresql.conf manually to somewhere else, though I'm not sure how an automatic upgrade of the package would cope with that.

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