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Cocoa noob here.

I've got a simple Mac app that includes an NSTextField that fetches some results and puts them into an NSTableView. I'd like to be able to press up/down while in the text field to activate the first/last item in the table view.

I've done the following:

- (void)keyUp:(NSEvent *)theEvent {
    switch([theEvent keyCode]) {
        case 125: {
            NSLog(@"I need to move down");
            NSIndexSet *indexSet = [NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:0];
            [resultsTableView selectRowIndexes:indexSet byExtendingSelection:NO];
            [resultsTableView becomeFirstResponder];
        case 126: {
            NSLog(@"I need to move up");
            NSIndexSet *indexSet = [NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:[results count]-1];
            [resultsTableView selectRowIndexes:indexSet byExtendingSelection:NO];
            [resultsTableView becomeFirstResponder];

Which is partially what I want. It does select the first or last item in the resultsTableView, but the selected item stays grayed out, and the textview stays active.

I thought calling becomeFirstResponder on the resultsTableView would do the trick, but it didn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Never call becomeFirstResponder directly. Use NSWindow's makeFirstResponder:

[[resultsTableView window] makeFirstResponder:resultsTableView];
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I just ran into this, any ideas why we have to make the call via the window rather than the responder its self? – boyfarrell May 10 '14 at 8:56
Because Apple said so becomeFirstResponder "Never invoke this method directly." – TheAmateurProgrammer May 10 '14 at 11:31

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