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I have seen this config flag CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL=y

  • what does it for?
  • how it works?
  • what is the connection to xvfb?
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According to this page, it's for testing. It's a framebuffer that's in main memory instead of graphics memory, so you basically can't see it, but if your app environment needs a framebuffer for whatever reason and your hardware doesn't have graphics (not uncommon in embedded apps) then it can be useful.

xvfb is a very different beast. It creates its own virtual framebuffer in userspace for use as an X display. It can be used with programs that need an X connection (e.g. older versions of PhantomJS) but for some reason the system doesn't have an existing X display. It doesn't need any kind of support from the kernel to do this - it uses a framebuffer, but really a framebuffer is just a fancy term for a chunk of memory used for a graphical screen.

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if i have a screen in my HW how the VFB helps me debug the framebuffer at all ? –  0x90 Dec 10 '12 at 21:34

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