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Is there is a cross-platform way to capture the screen in Google's Go? Or any way for that matter, but cross platform would be preferred.

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Unfortunately, there is no library to do this. There are a couple of bindings for magickwand (C programming language and the ImageMagick image processing libraries), see but these are incomplete and do not have the screen capture feature.

Meanwhile as GeertJohan suggested, you can use os.exec to run an external program and capture the screen (see sample code below). For example, you can use import command from imagemagick to capture screen (should work on a platform that can run imagemagick)

package main

import (

func main() {

    var buf bytes.Buffer

    path, err := exec.LookPath("import")
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatal("import not installed !")
    fmt.Printf("import is available at %s\n", path)

    cmd := exec.Command("import", "-window", "root", "root.png")

    cmd.Stdout = &buf
    cmd.Stderr = &buf

    err = cmd.Run()
    if err != nil {
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I cannot find a library to do this. Stable cross-platform screen-capturing requires a lot of work. Screen capturing requires interfacing with the operating systems' display manager/server or frame-buffer, which is different for a lot of operating systems and Linux distributions. You would have to write interfaces for each OS API (or wrap the libraries that provide the functionality), and then abstract all the different methods in a single package so it works cross-platform.

Another way to do this would be to run a existing screen capture application (command-line) to do the screen-capture work for you, including saving to a file. Then read the file in your go application. To make a Go application run a third-party application, use the os/exec package, it is in the standard library. For Linux you might use fbgrab to save the frame-buffer to a png file.

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I don't know of any cross-platform library, but you can do this with the xgbutil library when an X server is present. You can see an example of how to capture a screenshot here.

If you wanted to get this working on Mac/Windows systems, I'd probably start by examining the source for go.wde, which includes backends for Windows and Mac. I doubt you'll directly find code to capture a screenshot in there, but it might give you some hints or a path to follow.

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There is no cross-platform way to capture the screen in Google's Go, because capturing screen relies on a specific API of underlying operating systems. But there are libraries for Go that do this.

For example

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It is. It's a 2-step process:

Study to see which win32 API calls to make to capture the screen/window Translate that logic to Go. You can use one of few existing win32 api Go bindings (e.g. If they're missing needed functionality, you can add more wrappers.

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