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I have been using the closed source freeware RtmpDumpHelper to aid in downloading RTMP video streams.

The program attaches itself to the browser executable and monitors for traffic over certain port (default 1935). Any traffic over that port is redirected to localhost (

However his program is not working for the RTMPT or RTMPTE protocols. I know a little C and want to try to fix this, but the author refuses to release the source code. I am simply looking for a push in the right direction so I can implement my own version of this program.

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I can imagine various places to intercept (and then from there, redirect) that traffic:

  • Within the browser implementation (a browser-specific plugin)
  • Between the browser and the O/S (e.g. perhaps a winsock shim)
  • As a device driver, hooking into the network stack (e.g. a tdi filter driver)
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@svnpenn You linked to github.com/svnpenn/rtmpdump which I guessed was related to the RtmpDumpHelper which you mentioned in your OP. In any case, having a proxy server is yet another way/architecture to intercept network traffic. –  ChrisW Dec 9 '12 at 22:09

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