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I was trying to create a table with a filter at the top of each column.

I am unable to figure out why the Any filter is working but not the individual colum filters.

I have the code @

I have also tried to compile the element after setting the ng-model but it did not work.

Can anyone please help?

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You can do this if you get rid of the directive and use the ng-change attribute of the input[text] like so:

function TestController ($scope) {
    $scope.valueChanged = function (name, value) { 
        if (!$ {
            $ = {};
        $[name] = value;

<body ng-controller="TestController">

<th ng-repeat="sortName in columnNames">
    <input type=text ng-model="value" ng-change="valueChanged(sortName, value)">

The short version of the answer as to why your original code doesn't work is that ngRepeat creates a new scope and the value in ng-model must be an assignable variable.

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As @Ryan pointed out, ng-repeat's nested scopes are the trick. An alternative to writing a controller method is to use the $parent property of the child scope to access the search property in the parent scope:

<th ng-repeat="sortName in columnNames">
   <input type=text ng-model="$[sortName]"></th>

As in @Ryan's solution, a directive is not needed. However, the additional search properties needed to be created/initialized:

<div ng-init=" = ''; = ''"></div>

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