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I've been searching a lot for AWS SDK examples and tutorials and I finally found the official documentation on Starting an Amazon EC2 Instance but the issue is that is doesn't describe how to launch an EC2 instance in a VPC; additionally how does one create a VPC in PHP. I have had many issues with the AWS SDKs due to poor documentation, as a side question if anyone could point me to a .Net and/or PHP AWS SDK tutorial that covers many topics I would really appreciate it.

Update I've finally got a chance to test the link above and it works great for EC2 and so I started looking at the file ./aws/services/ec2.class.php and it has a function with the signature of run_instances($image_id, $min_count, $max_count, $opt = null) In the array $opt you specify the settings that your instance will be created with, I found that there is an optional array within $opt that is NetworkInterface which has an option for SubnetId. This suggests that this is where the magic is; I have tried using these options but the instance fails to start. Hope these details help and thanks again for your time.

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