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I have a HMENU and I know that the item lies at given position, having that information is it possible to do something like this: RunMenuItem(hMenu,3) where 3 is the position of that item ?

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The real question is, "Where did you get that HMENU from? Perhaps the place you got it from exposes a better interface for executing commands. (E.g. automation.)" –  Raymond Chen Dec 10 '12 at 23:58

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When you select an item from a menu, one of two things can happen:

  • A WM_COMMAND message is posted to the menu's parent window, containing the menu item ID, or
  • If the menu was displayed with TrackPopupMenu with the TPM_RETURNCMD flag, the selected item ID is returned as the result of the call to TrackPopupMenu.

In the first case, you can simulate this programmatically by simply posting the WM_COMMAND message yourself with the appropriate parameters. You would need to query the HMENU for the menu item ID (using GetMenuItemInfo).

In the second case, there's no easy way to simulate this, as it relies on the calling thread actually calling TrackPopupMenu and processing the result.

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