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I'm using Kohana Framework and this is actually the first framework that I am using. I just wanted to know how to properly add templates in views. What I am doing right now is.

In controller.

<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct script access.');

class Controller_Welcome extends Controller_Template {

    public $template = 'site';

    public function action_index()
        $this->template->header = View::factory('templates/header');
        $this->template->header->title = 'Page name - Welcome';
        $this->template->header->description = 'Blah blah blah.';

Now inside view I make a file called site.php (the view) and echo the variable $header on the top so it shows the contents of the page, and it's working fine but is it actually the right way to do it? I mean echoing out the header in every single view? I'm sure there must be a more complex or better way to do that. I have also heard that the use of Kohana Templete is discouraged.

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Have a look at the Mustache Plugin KOstache for Kohana. IMO the best way to separate your layout from your logic.

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Have a look at Kostache It allows you to do simple things like


You just create the view extending Kostache class and that's it. Once you do that you can just set variables using

$pagetitle="My Title"

In your template file you will only need


It has tons of other nice features.

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