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In map-reduce I would extract the input file name as following

public void map(WritableComparable<Text> key, Text value, OutputCollector<Text,Text> output, Reporter reporter)
        throws IOException {

      FileSplit fileSplit = (FileSplit)reporter.getInputSplit();
      String filename = fileSplit.getPath().getName();
      System.out.println("File name "+filename);
      System.out.println("Directory and File name"+fileSplit.getPath().toString());



How can I do the similar with cascading

Pipe assembly = new Pipe(SomeFlowFactory.class.getSimpleName());
Function<Object> parseFunc = new SomeParseFunction();
assembly = new Each(assembly, new Fields(LINE), parseFunc);

public class SomeParseFunction extends BaseOperation<Object> implements Function<Object> {

    public void operate(FlowProcess flowProcess, FunctionCall<Object> functionCall) {

how can I get the input file name here ???    


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I don't use Cascading but I think it should be sufficient to access the context instance, using functionCall.getContext(), to obtain the filename you can use:

String filename= ((FileSplit)context.getInputSplit()).getPath().getName();

However, it seems that cascading use the old API, if the above doesn't work you must try with:

Object name = flowProcess.getProperty( "map.input.file" );
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Thank Engineiro for sharing the answer. However, when invoking hfp.getReporter().getInputSplit() method, I got MultiInputSplit type which can't be casted into FileSplit type directly in cascading 2.5.3. After diving into the related cascading APIs, I found a way and retrieved input file names successfully. Therefore, I would like to share this to supplement Engineiro's answer. Please see the following code.

HadoopFlowProcess hfp = (HadoopFlowProcess) flowProcess;
MultiInputSplit mis = (MultiInputSplit) hfp.getReporter().getInputSplit();
FileSplit fs = (FileSplit) mis.getWrappedInputSplit();
String fileName = fs.getPath().getName();
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You would do this by getting the reporter within the buffer class, from the provided flowprocess argument in the buffer operate call.

HadoopFlowProcess hfp = (HadoopFlowProcess) flowprocess; 

FileSplit fileSplit = (FileSplit)hfp.getReporter().getInputSplit();
.//the rest of your code
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