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Is it possible to make a boolean if statement, that says if (a method that has a void data type) = true { then do the following?

or would the method need to be a boolean as well?

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The if-expression has to have boolean type. If it is just a call, you need to call a method that returns boolean. If you are comparing to true, generally a waste of time, you also need a boolean expression.

What are you trying to test? If you just want to find out if it completes without an exception, you can use:

  method call
  code to execute if it does not throw an exception
} catch(ExceptionYouExpectItToThrow e) {
  code to execute if it does throw the exception

If you are trying to test something else about the method's execution, you need to specify what you are testing.

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Hi, Thankyou for your responses. I am using Java. I have a series of methods that check validity of an integer, I have then combined these methods into one, so this can be called to check all validity methods. Im now trying to write an if-statement that says do this if the validity statement is true? – user1873375 Dec 9 '12 at 22:17
a simple if statement should suffice: if (is_a(val) and is_b(val) and is_c(val)) { //do something, e.g return true } – Matanya Dec 9 '12 at 22:23

In JS a function that doesn't return any value will be undefined which is a falsy value, that is it is equivalent to false:

function foo() {

    if (foo()) {
    console.log("TRUE:" + foo());
        else {
        console.log("FALSE:" + foo()); // outputs: FALSE: undefined

​obviously testing the value of such a function is redundant

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