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Let's say I have model Campaign which can have multiple boolean states at the same time:

drafted : Just a draft

suspended : Suspended after being active

pending : Awaiting approval

paused : Campaign is paused until client resumes it.

I thought about using state machines, i like their DSL and the conventions they provide, but it's just for one concurrent state, I don't want to lose the previous status. for instance with state machines (one string field rules them all):

If I suspend a campaign, then the client pauses it while suspended, and resumes it, it goes active and the suspension status has vanished.

Any one knows how to deal with this? I love StateMachines conventions but I still want concurrent statuses to persist.

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Why can't you have boolean attributes for each of the attributes you mention above, and maintain state independently with a state machine? Just because the model's state changes doesn't mean every unrelated boolean attribute needs to be reset. In your example, when the resume transition were to take place, check the :suspended status and if true, transition the state machine back to suspended instead of active (or whatever the active state is). – deefour Dec 9 '12 at 22:23
It seems like you could use a state machine for draft, pending, approved and paused but suspended should be a boolean, admin-only field. – evanbikes Dec 9 '12 at 23:02

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