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I have installed Glassfish application server Openshift cloud servers. I can only use :8080 port because of Openshift restrictions. It won't let me run admin console on :4848 port and I will somehow configure datasource, file realm and security realm manually from configuration files.

a-) Is it possible to do configuration without the admin console?

b-) Can admin console run on :8080 port along with applications?

Note: It is not possible to allocate any port for admin console Openshift won't let me do it.


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a) You can configure Glassfish with the asadmin tool

b) You can change the port for the admin console in glassfish/domains/[yourdomain]/config/domain.xml: search for

<network-listener port="4848" protocol="admin-listener" transport="tcp" name="admin-listener" thread-pool="admin-thread-pool"></network-listener>

But I doubt it is possible to use port 8080 for admin gui AND other applications.

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a) asadmin tool doesn't work when I comment network listener for admin-listener in domain.xml file. The error is : Remote server does not listen for requests on [localhost:4848]. Is the server up? No such local command, list-applications. To run remote commands, start the application server (e.g. 'asadmin start-domain'). Command list-applications failed. b)It is not possible to allocate any port for admin console Openshift won't let me do it. (So changing port is not the solution it won't run) Thanks –  Pinchy Dec 10 '12 at 21:35
I have done configuration on the domain.xml file, without using the admin console. Cheers –  Pinchy Jun 20 '13 at 2:29

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