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I'm interested in using the Lightweight Testing Automation Framework (LTAF) to create integration tests for my web application. However, I need it to be run on the build server. Does anyone know if this can set up to do this?

There does not seem to be a whole lot of information on the web on this right now :-)

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There's a blog post (Lightweight Test Automation Framework – Automated Build Support) that describes how to implement the runner as a console application, it can then be integrated into a build server fairly simply by redirecting the build output and setting the return code appropriately.

The author posted the code used in the article, you can download it from here.

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I don't have experience with LTAF, but found this nice article:

First steps with Lightweight Test Automation Framework

Quoting the author (Steve Sanderson, from the comments):

Lightweight Test Automation Framework can be invoked with query string parameters (to specify which tests to run) and can emit a log of the results to a text file, so it would be possible to integrate it. However, this is certainly not as easy as using Selenium RC which as you say works through a traditional test runner.

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