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when trying to export entities I get the following error:

"Cannot call method 'getProperty' of null"

but ONLY if I had an entity marked for deletion in my manager cache (before calling saveChanges())

this gives me the error:

   .then(function() {
      var exportedData = myEntityManager.exportEntities();
   .fail(function() {
      //some errorHandling...

in contrast, adding or modifying entities before calling saveChanges() and then calling exportEntities() does NOT generate the error!

any help on this, is very much appreciated!

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This was a bug and should be fixed now in v 0.76.2. Please confirm if this works for you... and thanks for reporting it.

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Thank You a lot! this is great! realtime support and bug-solving :-) – frenchfaso Dec 10 '12 at 8:33

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