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How would I go about geotagging photos in Android? I can do this from either a Bitmap object or an image file. Any suggestions?

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Apache has a commons project for reading and writing EXIF tags: Sanselan. It includes sample code similar to this:

            // Example of how to add/update GPS info to output set.

            // New York City
            double longitude = -74.0; // 74 degrees W (in Degrees East)
            double latitude = 40 + 43 / 60.0; // 40 degrees N (in Degrees
            // North)

            outputSet.setGPSInDegrees(longitude, latitude);

        // printTagValue(jpegMetadata, TiffConstants.TIFF_TAG_DATE_TIME);

        os = new FileOutputStream(dst);
        os = new BufferedOutputStream(os);

        new ExifRewriter().updateExifMetadataLossless(jpegImageFile, os,

        os = null;
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how if i need set the location from GPS? –  Sean Tan Dec 10 '12 at 1:15

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