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The first line of code does what I want, the second only capitalizes the first word:

<%= the_label = "Time_Balance".titlecase %><br />
<%= f.label "Time_Balance".titlecase %><br />

I want to titlecase the input label, but I just can't manage it.

This also doesn't work:

<%= the_label = "Time_Balance".titlecase %><br />
<%= f.label the_label %><br />

Nor does this:

<%= the_label = "Time_Balance" %><br />
<%= f.label the_label.titlecase %><br />
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try this.

<%= f.label :time_balance, "Time Balance" %> <br />

Label expects the first argument to be the method_name on the object the form is for, and defaults to just using it, unless you specify it explicitly as part of the second argument which is content/options.

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Thanks for the explanation as well as the solution! –  Arel Apr 18 '13 at 19:38

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