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I have a resource - activities, that is nested under provider. everything is working great for all my restful resources.

I'd like to add a new action to list all activities regardless of provider. So I think that should not be nested.

I tried to do this like so:

resources :activities, only: [:list]

But this doesn't create a route when i rake routes, and I get the error:

No route matches [GET] "/activities/list"

How do I do this? Is this the right way to go about what I want to do - show a list of all providers activities with a different view / layout than the nested provider#activities action.

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OK. I (re) read the manual and did what it said, and that worked. Go figure.

resources :activities do
    get 'list', :on => :collection

So that adds the list action to the routes with path & url methods & the nested resources still work.

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