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I am getting the following message everytime the PHP project based on Subversion loads...

Subversion Native Library not available.

Obviously shown, the OS is a Mac OSX Mountain Lion. I have also followed the instructions within the link, and it still appears at completely random times. However, subversion actions seem to work fine.

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Thank you. I forgot to mention that I followed the directions in there to the letter. This still appears. – Salocin.TEN Dec 10 '12 at 2:25
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Your error is that the library has been loaded in another classloader. I can only guess you have some other Subversion plugin installed (so that you have more than one) and the other one has already loaded the library so it cannot be loaded again.

Aside from figuring that out and removing the other plugin, I would guess you can just install the SVNKit plugin and configure Subclipse to use it instead of JavaHL. The SVNKit plugin is on the Subclipse update site.

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Thanks for the help! I have uninstalled the probable interrupting plugins but I still get the same error. However the funny thing is that SVN operations are totally fine. I can do the updates, checkouts and checkins / commits. I shall perhaps look furthermore for any other plugins. SVNKit seems to be already installed. – Salocin.TEN Dec 11 '12 at 6:37
If SVNKit is installed and JavaHL is not available, then Subclipse automatically uses SVNKit. So that is probably why other stuff is working. I use OSX, but am still on Lion. I have not heard of general problems using Mountain Lion and cannot envision how class loading could be different. It seems like there must be another plugin. – Mark Phippard Dec 11 '12 at 14:51
Thanks! @MarkPhippard! I think I might have to either live with it or attempt uninstalling SVNKit. – Salocin.TEN Dec 13 '12 at 6:07

From main menu, select

Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN,

at right panel "SVN interface" zone.
You may find "client" is set to "JavaHL(JNI) Not Available".
Change it to "SVNKit(Pure Java) SVNKit vx.x"

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