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I have to build project using MSVC2012 and v100 platform toolset (from MSVC2010). Unfortunately I'm using C++11 feature "range based for" across the code. I wondering if there is a preprocessor directive that allows to know current platform toolset in compile time. I.e


I tried use _MSC_VER macro, but for both platform toolsets it is set to 1700 (and this does make sense, because I'm still using MSVC2012). I'd appreciate any suggestion. Thank you.

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I encountered the same problem and added my own preprocessor definition for _MSC_PLATFORM_TOOLSET.
In the project properties in

  • C/C++
  • Preprocessor
  • Preprocessor Definitions

add _MSC_PLATFORM_TOOLSET=$(PlatformToolsetVersion) to make Visual Studio integrate the current Toolset's version to the preprocessor so that your query


will finally work.

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The macro _MSC_FULL_VER is different for each platform toolset; and version of Visual Studio. For the (current) Visual Studio 2013 preview, it is 180020617. For Visual Studio 2012 with the November 2012 Compiler CTP (which gave some C++11), it was 170060315. Like _MSC_VER, the first 4 digits are the same for each version of Visual Studio; for Visual Studio 2012 they are always 1700. Here's an example:

#ifdef _MSC_FULL_VER
  #if   _MSC_FULL_VER == 170060315
  // MSVS 2012; Platform Toolset v110
  #elif _MSC_FULL_VER == 170051025
  // MSVS 2012; Platform Toolset v120_CTP_Nov2012
  #elif _MSC_FULL_VER == 180020617
  // MSVS 2013; Platform Toolset v120
#endif // _MSC_FULL_VER
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