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I am new to Python and playing around with Django. In my model I am trying to incorporate a field in my 'Product' model to have a Cloudinary image field.

I have added this to my settings.py:

# Cloudinary settings
  'cloud_name': '[my_cloud_name]',  
  'api_key': '[my_api_key]',  
  'api_secret': '[my_api_secret]',  

Here is my models.py:

from django.db import models

    class Product (models.Model):

I have tried to import various things (import cloudinary, import cloudinaryField etc.

Not sure how to get my model to work. So far I have received the following errors through my various attempts:

  1. 'module' object has no attribute 'models'
  2. cannot import name CloudinaryField
  3. name 'cloudinary' is not defined

Can anyone help me out here? The documentation for Cloudinary is sparse, but I have read through it and hoping I did not miss a key step.

Thanks in advance!

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I was able to solve this by adding the following to my models.py

import cloudinary
from cloudinary.models import CloudinaryField
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you only need the second line, then in your model you can do image=CloudinaryField('image') – Anentropic Aug 9 '15 at 17:16
Even with null=True, blank=True it looks like required, how can I deal with that? – Max Ferreira Sep 25 '15 at 2:53

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