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I have this code to make a phone call:

if (intent == null){
     intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL);    
     intent.setData(Uri.parse("tel:" + phone));    

During the "phone call" the user is able to back to my activity where this code is located. (on a click button)

If user press this button again then another 'phone call' begins in hold state.

I know that I can get the current status phone with TelephonyManager, and with this status I can disable the button if status = CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK, but what I want, is reopen the OUTGOING CALL SCREEN. Like the click on 'notification bar' when you have an active 'phone call'.

I don't want to hang up, (I know about the restrictions) I just want to reopen the calling screen.

I will appreciate for your help.

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