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I found a nice little Social Login on codecanyon.com that allos users to login with facebook,gmail,twitter,yahoo or linked in.

I have been at this for a while now and cannot seem to get anything to work.

So far, this site has been very helpful to me and im hoping someone on here has tried or is using this as a login tool and can help me out.

Im in testing mode right now. My actual domain name does not have hosting and is not online.

I have made my facebook, twitter and linkedIn spplications in which i have recevied my app_id and secrets. I put all this information in my configs.php file and i am using localhost as my callback_url and redirect_url.

I get the following error message wheni try to use twitter to login: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'EpiOAuthUnauthorizedException' in C:\wamp\www\login\src\twitter\EpiOAuth.php on line 432 ( ! ) EpiOAuthUnauthorizedException: in C:\wamp\www\login\src\twitter\EpiOAuth.php on line 432

If i go to my EpiOAuth.php file, line 432 which has the error, shows this :
throw new EpiOAuthUnauthorizedException($message, $response->code)

I understand it is not easy to help with what i am showing but i am more then willing to send more info by email if that eases things.

Again, any help is greatly appreciated.


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You likely won't get a response here. This is a forum for Facebook Development questions. You're more likely to get a response if you ask in a Twitter Development forum. – Tommy Crush Dec 10 '12 at 3:55

I am android user and used the below link to integrate Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin in my app.

The website says it supports .net and java versions too.


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Ive already bought this script and the amount of time ive spent so far .... it would be sad to have to restart. Also, this one comes with the database built in which facilitates my life big time – user1853848 Dec 11 '12 at 20:19

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