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I have a program that generates text files, and I want to read that file and extract a specific data from it with. The script needs to search the text file keys, and return the value into a variable .

My text file looks this:

"KEY1" "value to be returned" timestamp
"KEY2" "value to be returned" timestamp 

I've tried with explode, etc, but it not works. Thank you in advance, Andy.

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This is a terrible way to store your data IMO... –  esqew Dec 10 '12 at 3:34

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You could use fgetscsv().

$data = fgetcsv ( $fh, NULL, ' ');

This will read your file like a CSV, but will use the space as a delimiter.

explode() is too blunt a tool for this, as you're using quotes to give spaces their literal meaning.

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