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I have just started programming in JAVA and Android, following some online tutorials i have been able to make and app in which i store markers in a MySql database which i fetch using PHP and display them in a map overlay. Also i have allowed adding markers to the database as well. I am doing all this using Google Maps API and i would also like to do the same using Open Street Map. I would be thankful if anybody gave me some hints on how to do this or some links that would be useful to me.

Thank you in Advance.

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I also asked the question on the osm help and i got this.

osmdroid provides Tools / Views to interact with OpenStreetMap-Data.

The OpenStreetMapView is a (almost) full/free replacement for Androids MapView class.

Here is a how to on using osmdroid in your apps

osmdroid id not to be confused with Osmdroid with capital O which is a navigation app for android that uses OSM maps.

If you guys could come up with more resources, it would be appriciated.

Thank you.

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