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Say a multi-horned PC has two network interface with IP address and If any other PC send a multicast message to any of them, I need to send a response back, but in the UPD data part of the response, I need to tell that PC my proper IP address which they can reach.

Say send that multicast message, I can use ip route get to to determine which one is the proper interface to use(which is, but I don't know how to do this in ruby code.

To invoke external process then parse the stdout is not what I want, cause it's too slow for a busy network, and to make it cross-platform is not that easy.

Currently I mimic the route resolving with these codes:

localifs = Socket.ip_address_list.keep_if { |addr| addr.ipv4? and not(addr.ipv4_loopback?) }
raise Error, "There is no alive ipv4 interface on local machine" if localifs.empty?
src_addr_i = IPAddr.new(src_addr).to_i
localifs = localifs.sort do |x,y|
  (IPAddr.new(x.ip_address).to_i ^ src_addr_i) <=> (IPAddr.new(y.ip_address).to_i ^ src_addr_i)
host = localifs.first.ip_address
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(I know this is old but, I have to ask) Why do you need to determine the interface? Unless you are sending the response via multicast (why would you do that?)... BTW creating a UDP socket to see where the route would go without sending anything on that socket is a good way to start (then you can examine the local address] –  nhed May 30 at 18:24

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