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I had integrated Office Web Apps in sharepoint 2010. When Document is selected from document Library in context menu I want to hide Option View in Browser and Edit in Browser Option from Document Library.

Is is possible using jquery or javascript If yes can any tell me how ? I used following css to hide but it only hide Delet option not View in Browser Option

            display: none;

So I also Modified it as follows

li.ms-MenuUIULItem[text~=View in Browser]
            display: none;

It also didn't work. Can anyone help me for that ?

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If possible, Can you provide me the screen shot! –  Mihir Dec 10 '12 at 8:08

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It is better to do it with features than doing it with javascript.

You have to create a feature with a HideCustomAction element in it. The element structure is like this:

  GroupId = "[GroupId]"
  HideActionId = "[HideActionId]"
  Id = "...."
  Location = "....">

And here is a link that will help you find your required actions Id:


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I have created it using jquery


        $('.ms-MenuUIPopupBody').live('blur', function() {       
           var elm = $("div.ms-MenuUIULItem a:contains('View in Browser')"); 
           $("div.ms-MenuUIULItem a:contains('Edit in Browser')").remove();  

It is hiding menu only on focus or blur or mouseover

I wants it to be hide on load AS soon as i Click on "V" option on right side of document it should hide View in Browser and Edit in browser

When I click on V option ![I wants As soon as i Click on v option right side of test it should hide view in Browser and edit in browser][1]

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